Quiz: What Kind of Holiday Cookie Are You?

Are you more classic sugar cookie, or spicy gingerbread? Take the quiz on CampusLife by clicking here.


Here’s What All of Those Application Deadlines Really Mean

It’s that time of year again: high school students flock to the Common App, pester their teachers and counselors for letters of recommendation, and spend countless hours agonizing over ambiguous essay topics. Whether you’ve been ready to send off your applications since freshman year, or just started exploring your options, the college application process can …

Here’s What These Schools Are Doing to Ease Finals Stress

Walk through the campus library, and the anxiety is practically palpable.  As far as the eye can see, notebooks and flashcards litter every available workspace, students double fist cups of coffee, desktops double as pillows, and - judging from the smell - showering has apparently taken a backseat to round-the-clock studying. There's no denying it …