11 Tips to Survive Music Festival Season

Flower crowns, neon leggings, and bad judgement all around — yep, you guessed it! Music festival season is here. Whether you’re counting down the days until Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lolla, or anything in between, even the most experienced festival goers need a little help to make their weekend Insta-worthy. So, once you’ve finished agonizing over your crop top selection, keep these eleven tips in mind:

    1. Invest in a portable phone charger.
      Trust me on this one. Not being able to find your friends (or worse, not being able to Snapchat your favorite band play) makes it instantly worth it. But remember…
    2. You’ll inevitably lose service at some point, so don’t rely on your phone for everything.
      Use the buddy system, and designate a meeting spot to congregate at if your group gets separated. It will happen, and you don’t want to be lost (literally) when it does.
    3. Go for a cross-body bag.
      Comfort and function: the only two things you’ll care about when you’re battling through a crowd, tired, in sweltering heat, and (possibly) drunk. Bonus: you don’t have to sacrifice your style, and they’re tougher for pickpockets to get into than fanny packs or backpacks. It’s a win-win.

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