The Lazy Valentine: Last-Minute Ideas that Actually Don’t Suck

Guys and girls — remember that New Year’s resolution you made about a month ago, hidden among your promise to work out every day and to stop forgetting to call your mom back?  Something about not procrastinating, was it?

That sounds about right.  Hopefully you’re still going strong on this one, but in case you aren’t (and let’s be honest, you’re probably not), I’ve compiled a few ideas that are about to help you big time.  Because — hopefully you’re not realizing this for the first time – February 14th is right around the corner.  Does Valentine’s Day ring a bell?

Maybe you should go ahead and set yourself a reminder for next year now.  But, in the meantime, consider these eleventh-hour ideas:

1. Buy tickets to something you both love.

Your favorite band, a cooking class, or a quick weekend getaway are sure to please.  Find something special you can do together, and they’ll never guess you bought the tickets an hour ago in a last-minute frenzy.

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