20 Signs You’re Coming Down with Senioritis

Diagnosis: high school senior.  Symptoms: lack of motivation, extreme fatigue, increased irritability.  Highly contagious.  If any of the signs below sound like you, it might already be too late.

  1. It’s the first day of the semester and you’re already over school.
  2. “Due tomorrow” becomes “do tomorrow.”
  3. Your morning alarm becomes more of a suggestion than anything else.  The snooze button was invented for a reason, right?
  4. LOL, your teacher expects you to do a group project.  That’s cute.
  5. You’ve started napping more than you did in kindergarten.
  6. “Macbeth” paper due in the morning?  SparkNotes it is…after one more episode of whatever series you’re currently binging on Netflix.
  7. Okay, two more.  But that’s seriously it.
  8. Your response to everything: “I don’t know.”

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