12 Easy New Year’s Resolutions Anyone Can Actually Accomplish

Let’s be honest – we all vow to save money, get in shape, and kick a bad habit to the curb, but after the first few weeks of the new year have passed, our resolve tends to fade and we slowly start to slip back into old habits.

According to a University of Scranton study conducted earlier this year, only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions. With these odds, making a resolution may seem pointless, but there’s good news! These people’s trick is easy – they just kept it simple.

Here are 12 small things you can do every day to get (and keep) you on the right track in the new year:

1. Get more sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep sharpens your focus, improves your memory, and reduces stress, among plenty of other benefits. Sounds like a resolution I can get behind.

2. Pay with cash.

I’ll admit, I almost never have any cash on me. If you’re like me, and exclusively use plastic to pay for everything, this is a good resolution to go for, since opting for cash over cards can save you money.

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