How to Avoid a Breakup During the Holidays

The holidays are underway, and this can only mean one thing: ‘tis the season for breakups!  (Or, if you’re an optimist – time for loads of presents and Starbucks’ holiday drinks.)

Whichever way you see it, the holiday season undeniably has a knack for creating tension in practically every way possible.  And for couples, the stress is even more amplified – so much so that the peak time for a breakup is during the two weeks before Christmas, according to a study that tracked Facebook relationship status updates throughout the year.  Cruel?  Maybe, but true.

Between family drama, money stress, and being pulled every which way through it all, it’s not surprising that many relationships reach their breaking point during the holidays.  For some couples, there’s the transition to a long-distance relationship until winter break ends.  And on top of that, your S.O. has suddenly decided that it’s the perfect time for a visit to meet the family.

The most wonderful time of the year isn’t as wonderful as five-year-old you thought it was.

The holidays put the heat on a relationship, that’s for sure.  The good news?  You can take it.  When you start feeling Grinchy, keep these tips in mind:

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