9 Affordable Clothing Stores to Shop (That Aren’t H&M and Forever 21)

You may love Kendall Jenner’s take on athleisure and study Olivia Palermo’s street style on the daily, but an outfit comprised of Balmain and Balenciaga just isn’t a reality for most of us – let alone broke college students.

That’s where fast fashion favorites like H&M and Forever 21 come in. By keeping production up and expenses as low as they can go, stores like these (along with Zara, Gap, and Uniqlo, among others) are able to give shoppers high-fashion trends at the drop of a hat, and at much more affordable price points than the couture pieces that inspire them.

Though I typically try to mix higher-end pieces with fast fashion options, sometimes nothing can beat a $4 pair of leggings or a going-out top for under $20. In times like these, it’s easy to get stuck in a shopping rut. If you’re tired of the same old, same old, but aren’t sure where to turn, check out some of these brands instead.

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